The award ceremony will take place
November 28, 2021

Andriy Babin
Andriy Babin
entrepreneur, CoffeeDOOR’s dad

Andriy, a successful bank manager in the past, today has built and now manages a famous coffee company CoffeeDOOR.


A successful principles-driven company cannot be built in Ukraine in a couple of days, and those work principles are the result of hard work, experience, education, and knowing how it all works ‘from within’. In Andriy’s case, it is almost a decade of work for international banks (HVB, SEB, ING), where he was heading various departments, building up teams, brining funds for complex projects.


Andiy’s path to the coffee industry was also dynamic: he was mentored by Walter Zwald, Chris Lukakis, John Willassen, carefully studied laws of import and green coffee beans storage, learned the mechanisms of such work in Europe.


Today Andriy Babin adopts European business values to CoffeeDOOR. It refers to responsibility (each batch of raw materials goes through a technical and organoleptic analysis, coffee beans indicators are checked for corresponding quality), technological efficiency (professional coffee equipment by Victoria Arduino, Nuova Simonelli, water supply systems by Pentair), and professionalism (the company unites certified SCA specialists in selecting beans, roasting and brewing coffee).


In Ukraine, HoReCa is being developed precisely by enthusiasts like Andriy Babin. As a result, we have an exemplary company with private coffee production, which we can all be proud of.