Conditions of participation 2017

In 2015 the National SALT Restaurant Awards first opens an option for independent submission of an application for participation in the Award by a restaurant of Ukraine and competition for the title of the best restaurant in one of 13 nominations.

The list of the Award Nominees consists of restaurants that will be recommended to participate on the basis of the largest number of coinciding preferences of the Experts of the Award, and restaurants that will nominate themselves.


  1. Participation of restaurants in the Award is free of charge and does not require financial contributions.
  2. Applications for restaurants’ participation in the Award are admitted from 1 July until 31 July 2017.
  3. The quantity of nominated restaurants of the Award is unlimited.
  4. A restaurant can be nominated only in one out of 13 nominations, which best suits specialisation of the restaurant.
  5. Restaurants of the Jury do not participate in the Award.
  6. Submission of an application for participation in the Award means:
    • restaurant’s consent to the Rules of the Award;
    • consent to use of the information provided by the restaurant for the purpose of processing and formation of the list of the Awards Nominees
  7. The list of the Award finalists is made on a basis of the largest quantity of coinciding preferences of Experts in each nomination.
  8. Information on Experts of the Award can be found on the website in the Experts
  9. The Final of the Award include 10 restaurants in each nomination: 2 restaurants out of those which have nominated themselves in each nomination and which have won the largest quantity of the Experts’ votes, and eight restaurants which have been selected as the best by the Experts in each nomination and won the largest quantity of their coinciding preferences.
  10. The restaurant may participate in the Final of the Award only in one nomination.
  11. Information of the Award Finalists will be presented on the website of the Awards in the Finalists section by 25.08.2017.
  12. The restaurant can not participate in the Final of the Award in case of official closure and termination of business.
  13. Each restaurant out of the Finalists’ list is attended by at least three members of the Expert Board of the Award to be assessed according to the following categories: Cuisine, Service, Atmosphere, and Specialisation.
  14. Members of the Jury Board will assess restaurants by means of secret visits.
  15. The status of the Finalist of the Awards entitles the restaurant to receive a special Honourable Distinction which will be conferred by the Organiser of the Awards after the Awards Ceremony.
  16. Winners of the Award will be named at the Grand Awards Ceremony of National SALT® Restaurant Awards 2 December 2017 in Parkovy CEC, Kyiv.
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