Oleg Volosovsiy

Oleg is the founder and chief architect of Loft Buro, a recipient of numerous interior awards. After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture of the Kiev National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture, Oleg Volosovsky began his career by creating such legends as the “DK Promzona” (DK Industrial Zone) club, the rotating bar “111”, became the main interior designer of “Adidas” and “Mustang” in Ukraine, worked with Roman Viktyuk, abroad created costumes and equipment for circus performers, designed studios of such TV channels as INTER, Novyi Kanal, Tonіs, Tet-a-Tet. Since 1998, Loft Buro is successfully handles interior design.
  ул. Семена Скляренко, 7, Киев, Украина, 04073
+380 44 228 73 10
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