Award of the Winner

Award of the Winner of the National SALT® Restaurant Awards – SALT® Copper Frying Pan

SALT® Copper Frying Pan is a recognisable quality symbol of the best restaurants of Ukraine.

90% of the body of the frying pan are made of copper, a traditional material for utensil-making. Inside the frying pan is covered with stainless steel which makes up only 10% of the total mass. The brass handle is attached to the body by means of secure rivets. It is a favourite frying pan of star chefs of France as properties of copper utensils make them a perfect option for exquisite French cuisine.

The famous SALT® Frying Pan has been made by deBuyer, the French company which has been producing dishes and utensils for hospitality professionals for more than 180 years and is represented in Ukraine by MIRS, the Partner of the National SALT® Restaurant Awards.

This year the basis of SALT® frying pan is no less special. It is decorated by means of the cutting-edge nano-technology and made of the one-piece ultra-transparent “brilliant” glass, know-how of Tiger. SALT® Award is a decoration the best Ukrainian restaurants are proud of.



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