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povarWe ultimately support independence and impeccable reputation of the Awards.

Nominees of the Awards will be divided into two groups:

  1. I group: restaurants which have been selected by Experts of the Awards as the best in each nomination;
  2. II group: restaurants which nominate themselves to participate in the Awards.

Stage 1
Selection of the Awards Nominees

I group II group ІІI group
  • The Independent Expert Council determines the Awards Nominees from 07.05.2018 to 10.06.2018.
  • The experts of the Awards included: more than 100 representatives of the cultural, business and gastronomic elite of Ukraine.
  • Experts select the best restaurants of Ukraine in each nomination and form an independent rating of the TOP-25 Award Nominees.
  • In the Final of the Awards, TOP-3 institutions in each nomination are left in the opinion of the Experts.
  • The jury will vote for the restaurant-nominees of the Awards from the TOP-25 Experts in each nomination and form the composition of the Finalists of the Awards.
  • In the Final of the Awards TOP-3 institutions in each nomination are in the opinion of the Jury.
  • Restaurants independently submit applications for participation in the Awards in the period from 15.03.2018 to 01.06.2018.
  • The restaurant can be nominated only in one of the 16 nominations in accordance with the Terms of Participation.
  • The jury will vote for self-nominated restaurants in each nomination and form the composition of the Award Winners.
  • In the final of the Awards there are TOP-2 institutions in each nomination.

Stage 2
Selection of the Awards Finalists

  1. The List of Finalists of the Awards is formed on the basis of the greatest number of coincidences in the preferences of the Experts and the Jury for each nomination.
  2. The status of the Finalist of the Awards is awarded to 8 restaurants in each of the 16 nominations, which scored the largest number of votes among the Experts and the Jury.
  3. The process of forming the list of final restaurants of the Awards is determined separately for 3 groups:
  • І group: TOP-3 restaurants from the Questionnaire Experts in each nomination who scored the largest number of experts Total: 48 restaurants.
  • ІІ group: TOP-3 restaurants, for which the Jury of TOP-25 institutions voted Experts’ Questionnaire (except for restaurants of the I group). Total: 48 restaurants.
  • ІІI group: TOP-2 restaurants from the list of restaurants-self-nominees in each nomination according to the voting result of the Jury. Total: 32 restaurants.

The total number of final restaurants is 146.

Stage 3
Finalist Assessment by the Independent Jury Board of the Awards

  1. Restaurants-Finalists of the Awards are visited by at least five Jury members from July 10 to November 15.
  2. Assessments of the Jury members are recorded in professional online questionnaires with the headings “Kitchen”, “Service”, “Atmosphere”, “Specialization”.
  3. The winner of the Awards in each nomination is determined by the sum of the points scored.

Restaurants of the restaurateurs included into the Jury board do not participate in the Awards a priori.

Stage 4
Calculation of Grades and Announcement of the Awards Winners
An independent monitor of the Awards are provided International Auditing Company – RSM Ukraine which ensures impeccable reputation of the National SALT Restaurant Awards.
Winners of the Awards will be named during the Grand Awards Ceremony of National SALT ® Restaurant Awards on December 2, 2018 at Parkovy CEC, Kyiv.

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